RWD (beta) penguin step 72

step 72

Step 72
Within the .shirt element, add a div with the following emoji as content: 💜

<div class="shirt">
        <div content="&#x2753;">&#x2753;</div>

I must be overthinking this. I searched the unicode for a question mark emoji and how to use it. I simply can’t seem to get it to work.

Thank you for any help you can give me.

I looked at the lesson and it wants you to use a heart.
Not a question mark.

I googled the hex code and found this

You want the html entity (hex)

I see a question mark

I also can’t figure out how to use any unicode emoji in a div content. I assume it means in the content attribute.

It looks like the emoji is not rendering for you.
On my end it looks like this
Screen Shot 2021-12-30 at 12.43.21 AM

Also, when I run your code I get this error message

When I use the correct emoji code for the heart then it passes the test

odd I tried with the purple heart emoji and it still fails

I used the html entity and this code passes for me


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OK I reloaded and the Purple Heart emoji unicode works now. It still isn’t rendering correctly.

Thank you for your help

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