RWD Beta: Why is submitting code a separate process?

In the RWD beta, for each step you first test your code to see if it passes, and once it does then you have to “Submit” your code before the step is officially considered completed. Just wondering why this is broken into two distinct steps. I think this distinction between “passing” and “submission” adds unnecessary confusion, especially since we tell the user that the step has been completed in the feedback. I think it would be a better user experience if the submission happened at the same time the code passed.

Just to be clear, I’m not saying that we automatically move the user to the next step after their code passes. They would still remain on the current step and get the “Step completed” feedback. And they would still need to manually move on to the next step. But if they did not move on to the next step, or do anything else in FCC, and they left the site completely, the next time they came back the step would be considered completed.

Just throwing this out there. There may be reasons why this is a two step process that I’m not aware of. But as I’m working on accessibility issues this distinction is perhaps causing me a slight bit of pain.

There’s recent issue on github in discussion state touching this:

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