RWD - Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage submitted - Asking for feedback

Here is my latest project as I continue learning and understanding the concepts covered for Responsive Web Design Certification.

I plan on revisiting these projects in the future as I acquire more knowledge and apply what I learn plus your recommendations.

I welcome your feedback. Happy coding!


Personal Portfolio Webpage

Your portfolio page looks good @juferca. Nice job!

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Looks nice. The only thing I would do differently - I would add more space around each project - I mean each project-tile shoud have more margin around.


Hi @juferca.
The portfolio page looks great, ill second what @maknetaRo has said, i would add a TON more “white” space between each project, and possibly even on the left and right of the projects to give them some breathing room - aside from that it looks great!

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Hi @juferca,
I would like to have more space around in the projects section, that’s all.
otherwise, the page looks great to me!