RWD Certification: Survey Form Project - Ninja Cat Coding Weekend

Hello, everyone!

I have recently finished my Survey Form project, and it’s passing all 17 tests.
Before I upload it as a solution I would like your opinion on it. The areas of interest would be: English language check (as I’m not a native speaker), HTML tags usage (best practices, are there any better usage for them? did I missused something? Is the structure semantically correct?), CSS (is there any weird attribute assigment? Is it responsive enough?) and accesibility (anything on the HTML side that can be better? Is the colors choice a good one from an accesibility perspective?).

I have checked previous works and also did my internet searches about this topics… but maybe you can spot something that I missed out or didn’t consider relevant enough. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated… Thank you very much!

Your page looks good @germankousal.

I cannot see any of your concerns. The only thing I would say is regarding responsiveness, rather than using fixed dimensions on elements, use max-width/height and relative units like %, em, rem and vw to keep everything responsive.

Look forward to seeing your next project.

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