RWD Certification: Technical Documentation Page Project - C# Introduction

Hello everybody, I hope you are doing well. I’ve just finished my Technical Documentation Page Project (link at the bottom) and I would love if you can check it out for any final feedback before submission.

The current state of the project is:

  • Passing 16/16 of FCC test.
  • Passing W3C HTML validator with no errors or warnings.
  • Passing W3C CSS validator with no errors or warnings.

Link to my CodePen:

Also in Repl:

Any feedback or comment will be highly appreciated! Thank you!

Overall this is very nice, just a few minor nitpicks I think you should take a look at.

  • The “Program Punctuation” nav link text is not spaced properly when the menu is on the left. I would not set a height on these. Let them take up all the height they need.
  • The <h1> text is overlapping the top of the nav menu when the menu is on the left.
  • The code examples are not formatting correctly for narrow view ports. I would use the <pre> element to preserve the formatting and then let them scroll horizontally if the view port gets too narrow. This is one of the few times that horizontal scroll is acceptable.

Great job!

Thank you @bbsmooth! Although my web browser is rendering the left navigation menu right, I’ll try to add more flexibility (actually flex) to the navbar, seems it renders differently on different browsers/devices…

About the code section, thank you for the feedback, I agree that a horizontal scrollbar would be acceptable here…

I’ve already made some changes that I think would address those issues, if you can take a final look to see if they worked, or anyone else can, I’ll be very grateful.

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