RWD survey project - Would love feedback

Hey Guys,

Just completed my first RWD project - Survey Form and would love feedback.

I’ve really tried to push what I’ve learnt into further research to create a practical/responsive template example with as much custom styling as possible. On my information adventures, found an awesome tool that helps to vendor prefix, still have issues to solve with FF and IE but it helped!

link is

Thanks All, appreciate any advice or feedback

NIce piece. I like it though the font is small on smaller devices. May be it will be better if you work around the fonts… Other great work @alphiek.

Very nicely laid out. The use of CSS is put into good use sparingly. To me this Survey Form is straight forward. Keep up the great work!

I like it but I also think the font size on mobile needs to bump up a tad

Thanks All, will definitely up the font size for smaller devices you are totally right it looks way to small.