RWD: Tribute Page

hi all, could i have some feedback on my tribute page?

thank you!

A few observations:

  • At narrow screen widths your image on the left side is taking up space which is forcing the right side text to fit into a very narrow space. I would move the image to the top at narrow widths in order to give your text more space.
  • Speaking of text, you need a little padding between the right edge and the scrollbar.
  • When I increase the font size, your text and scrollbar break out at the bottom of the light blue box which I don’t think is something you intended.
  • At larger font sizes the bottom of your footer is completely lost (the hitalz link disappears off the bottom of the page)
  • There is nothing wrong with limiting the max width of the text on the page since allowing the lines of text to get too long makes it hard to read. But if you do this, use em units, not pixels.