Salon Appointment Scheduler - Build a Salon Appointment Scheduler

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I went to start the project and it is telling me that I have run out of free time to do this project is there a way I could do this somewhere else or do I just have to stop this course.

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Salon Appointment Scheduler - Build a Salon Appointment Scheduler

Yes, you should be able to. It will require a bit of set up, and be more involved, though (I have not tried this myself). Follow this article:

I’ve been having issues with coderoad:start not working so I have switched completely over to the aforementioned method of using docker on your local machine. You have to download all the programs which doesn’t take too long and run it as described in the tutorial. I have really been enjoying doing the lessons this way. You don’t get credit for the non required lessons but on the required lessons you can save all your data and then run the virtual machine and import the information into it to pass the required tests. It has been working well for me and without the pressure of running out of data on the virtual machine or losing your data because it timed out. You might have to wait for a new month to get more hours to complete it since you have run out of hours.

Hey! I’ve set up the docker and been using the CodeRoad successfully, but how do you submit the project? For me it doesn’t allow me to submit the files because it’s stuck on “you need to complete the project”, but how do I make the freeCodeCamp website see that I’ve completed the project and the tutorial?

if you completed them locally, you can’t mark them completed on freecodecamp

Oh, so is there no way for me to complete the project until next month without paying? I’ve used the free hours on gitpod.

Just keep going through the lessons locally like you are and when your hours come back you can use gitpod to complete the required lessons. It only takes a few minutes to complete the lessons on gitpod once you have done them locally. Just be sure to save all the files and especially make a dump of your database . You won’t be able to get credit for the non required lessons but you will still get your certificate. And most importantly you will still learn the information.