Salon Appointment Scheduler

I wrote this code and not able to pass last 5 subtasks but it gives all the output given by these subtasks, it would be really helpful if someone took a look at this script and find me a solution

Do you have an sql dump as well? It would save time rebuilding the database.

i have uploaded that as well just now

I got your code to pass.
Firstly, truncate your appointments and customers tables.
Secondly, the tests were timing out, but there’s an easy fix.
Enter this sed command in the terminal:

sed 's/1000/100000/' -i /home/codeally/project/.freeCodeCamp/test/utils.js

This increases the timeout.

Thirdly, the one test which your code was actually failing was the very final one.
If you remove the word ‘service’ from the string which you return before the script ends, that should fix that.

Those three steps passed your code for me.

thanks a lot i got it passed.
And one more issue i’m facing with is on the curriculum page even though i have completed the lessons the completed flag or check box is not getting checked. Is there any way to fix that up??

Yes, this can happen, if FCC hasn’t received confirmation of course completion from CodeAlly.

  1. Boot up the course again
  2. Click Continue on the course completion message
  3. Click on the freeCodeCamp banner to go back to the curriculum
  4. Go to the course page and refresh with CTRL+F5
  5. Resubmit the repo link

If that doesn’t work, boot up a different Relational Database course (ideally one you haven’t started yet), then click back to FCC and repeat the steps above.

got it thanks a lot @igorgetmeabrain

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