Sandbox-less option?

Hi campers!

I’ve been here for a few time but never finished a single project properly…

I feel stupid for procastinating like this, really, but I feel like this sandboxed tutorials don’t fit my way of thinking… I am so atracted to The Odin Project because of this, they teach you outside the sandbox, in a real way… But is ruby, and I want to learn MEAN stack.

I don’t know, I need some encouragin words.

How do you feel setting up your first project after leaving FCC?

I don’t even know where to start.

Thank you <3

I’m not sure what you mean by Sandbox-less. Odin Project just forces you to create your own sandbox.

For projects out side of FCC or OP, or even for those projects, I use Codepen, GitHub, and my own web hosting.

Codepen is great for portfolio work, as is Github, though you’ll want to be careful with licensing on Github and remember it is meant to be for open source.

I advising getting your own hosting, at least shared apache setup but also VPS if you can afford. Learning how to set up web applications is a must.

Actual projects in FCC are done outside of FCC and are a great way to fill out your portfolio.

OP is great at gathering resources around the web, but it’s similar to learning from books. You need to provide coding and practice place yourself, and if you don’t actually do the practice you won’t get far.

I mean, the controlled sandbox FCC is. In TOP I had to install git, using terminal, etc etc, you know what I mean?

Also deploying by myself things, not just codepen. I just want to learn :slightly_frowning_face:

I suspect that you haven’t gone through much of FCC yet. The way it is designed to work is that the curriculum isn’t just a bunch of tutorials and then you’re left to go figure out how to make something with it (as Codecademy does). Each section finishes with several projects. Almost all of these projects are “real” projects that exist outside of the FCC platform. These projects are the actual requirements of FCC’s certificates, not the tutorials.


I need to get through that, I think.

Thank you Ariel!

FCC uses a different order of things than OP does. You’ll get there in FCC.