Saradha Technical documentation Page

Here is my Technical documentation page. Kindly review and provide feedback.

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Pretty decent.
Things to improve -

  • Use to apply custom fonts to your site to make it look attractive and impressive.
  • Give more padding between content and use visual hierarchy to distinguish your content. Make the content font big and code font’s small
  • You can use to choose a good color scheme for your website, take a look at what I made for this challenge here

Happy Coding!

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Hi @zippytyro,
Really thanks a lot for you suggestions to use and I have made few changes on font and background color now.It used to be very confusing to choose a good color scheme for the website. But this helped me a lot. Thanks much :slight_smile:

Pleasure’s mine. If you get stuck just search on google you’ll definitely find answers.

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Nice work :+1:

Btw I have a little problem with a color bar covering “LDAP Documentation”. That’s Firefox

Hi @lancelote, I noticed it too. But that comes when I add the Test Suite script in JS for the Freecodecamp challenge. Not sure how to remove that color bar without removing the test suite script.