Sass Documentation Page - Feedback and critique appreciated!

Here’s my 4th project. A Sass documentation page. I figured what could be a better topic than the topic I’m currently trying to learn myself.

Attempted to use sass myself while coding the page so any feedback or suggestions regarding that are always appreciated :slight_smile:

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Hi @Senatrius!
I really like your project. The fonts used, the colors, the spacing … everything in the layout contributes to a comfortable reading.:ok_hand:
The code is also organized and presented in a very clear and clean way, congratulations!

Looking at your HTML code, I was surprised to see more than one header, so after searching for more information I just learned that there may be more than one on the page.:wink::+1:

However, thinking about better accessibility, I think you might consider using headings within the headers of the sections.

Cheers and happy coding!:keyboard::heart:

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Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

And I agree, that is a strange one. But no, it is one of the user stories (I believe #3 or #4?) that require <header> tags in each section. I was just as surprised as you are when I saw it, went “Wait… you can do that?” at first and had to read about it myself. Apparently you can do that. Who knew. You learn new things in strangest places I suppose :smiley:

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Hi Senatrius! Overall it looks good, a change I would consider making is when clicking on one of the links, make the transition to that particular page smooth, rather than instantly landing on that section. It’s pretty simple to utilize as all you would have to add a smooth scroll behavior on your html itself.

html {
  	scroll-behavior: smooth;

Oh, that’s nice. I’ve looked up how to do smooth scrolling one time but most of the answers I’ve found used javascript and jquery so I dropped that idea.
This is much easier, thanks :slight_smile: