Sass indentation error

I’ve been using Sass (scss to be specific) for a couple months without any problems. Now, when I open ANY of my projects that use Sass and attempt to watch the changes via the terminal I get an “inconsistent indentation” error and it tells me a certain line is improperly indented. When I look at that line it looks fine.

I can’t figure out what the issue is. Could this be an issue with another Atom package causing problems with Sass?

Did you change your indentation configuration from spaces to tabs maybe?

Not intentionally but I installed the Emmet package recently. Could that be the issue?

Need to see how you’ve set it up. Scss doesn’t have indentation rules. Have you given an scss file a sass extension?

That’s the structure of my project and how I always use sass. I make a styles.scss file, navigator to the project folder in the terminal and watch it, then the other css/scss files are automatically created.

Figured it out. It was a weird issue with the terminal path. Instead of typing ‘home/nick/Desktop/pomodoro’ it was putting “user” at the begin like this ‘user/nick/Desktop/pomodoro’. Not sure how that happened.