Satoru Iwata Tribute Page

Here is my tribute page for Satoru Iwata, Japanese video game designer/developer. I am looking for feedback. One thing to note is that I used the Wikipedia API to pull content from the intro section of Satoru Iwata’s page. I wanted to do this simply for the experience. However, because of this, the page is more of a biography than a tribute. Link to full page view

Let me hear your thoughts!

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Hi @SummonerL

I noticed there is an image link that does not seem to work.

<img src="" class="img-responsive img-thumbnail top-buffer" width="400">

In my opinion the text need to be split up into paragraphs, maybe with sub-headings. Right now it is just a massive block of text.

I am curious what you need the JavaScript for. I see there is an Ajax call in there. It is quite a straightforward page so just HTML, CSS and Bootstrap should do the job just fine.

The image I was using previously wasn’t reliable, and was rendering only 50% of the time, or so. I replaced the image. The AJAX call is to Wikipedia. I wanted the experience of using the Wikipedia API to grab content. It’s purely for learning purposes.

On a side note, I’ve noticed that the page looks much different when viewed full-page as opposed to the small CodePen preview. I have no idea why the layout is rendering differently.