Save data to variable after request with tabletop.js

I used Google Sheets to create a simple database which i want to manipulate with tabletop.js to build a random quote generator. I can’t figure out how to save the data I pull through to a global variable so I can run the rest of my code.

My suspicion is that it has to do with the data loading time. When i attempt to log the data outside the getData() function I get undefined. However, when I log the data both inside the getData() function and the setTimeout() function the data appears in my console.

Since tabletop.js isn’t a regular API do you know how I can check that my data has been stored to a global variable and then run the rest of my code?

Thank you very much

const tableTopKey = 'myKey';

//request data from spreadsheet
setup = () => { 
    { key: tableTopKey,
      callback: getData,
      simpleSheet: true 

//initialize on page load
window.addEventListener('load', setup);

//create global variable to store data
let myData;

//store data in variable
getData=(data, tableTop)=>{
  myData = data;
  console.log(`Logging data inside the getData function ${myData}`);

//log data outside the getData function
console.log(`Logging data outside the getData function ${myData}`);

//log data with delay outside the function
  console.log(`Logging data with 1,5 sec delay ${myData}`);

You could create a function that does all the logic and call that function from getData with received data:

getData=(data, tableTop)=>{

function myQuoteGenerator(myData) {