Saving completed lesson code

Is there a way to save the completed lessons, short of a screenshot.
Mayne I am just looking right past how to do it.
Would be nice to have as reference.

When you successfully pass all the tests, the popup to continue includes a button to download your code.

Can I go back to completed lessons and do that, or will I have to redo the lesson?

It depends. Editor code is saved to your browser’s cache, but cache storage is temporary. If you have done a challenge recently without submitting, then you might see it automatically reload your solution into the code editor. If your browser has already cleared it’s cache then there isn’t a saved copy. ⋆ I understand if this feels disheartening, but when it comes to looking back at past concepts I genuinely think that quickly revisiting the lesson will refresh your memory without looking at the code. Sometimes when I need to refresh myself on something I haven’t thought of in a while, I’ll just repeat the challenge. Having done it before and moved on to more advanced topics, I can usually do it again in a few minutes and it clears the cobwebs off my brain.

⋆The exception to this is the JavaScript “projects” which are saved to the freeCodeCamp database when you submit them.


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