Saving posts from for later reading

One thing I miss about freecodecamp publication being on Medium was the ability to save blog posts for later reading or re-reading. And since almost every single post on new site is super interesting and some are more relevant to my interests than others, I am severely in need for that feature. Bookmarking is an option but my bookmarks are incredibly messy and diluted.

My question is: is there any plans to implement this feature wherein a logged in user on the site can save posts to their account to read later? Is there a github issue for it maybe that I can get involved with? Is it even possible?

freecodecamp uses Ghost (, I don’t know if it has such possibility

I recommend using your browser “read later” feature if available or bookmarks or a browser extension

anyway, you can open a github issue as feature request

I see. Yeah I’ll probably use an extension then or build my own for fun and raise an issue on github in the meanwhile