Says my script function doesnt have a vaild closing tag

So I’m sure I’m missing something looked for why this isn’t working already and found nothing.
Followed the instructions very carefully and 2 of the 3 reqs. light up green but the one saying that I need to have a valid script tag and to make sure its closed is still red. From where I’m sitting it looks valid and it definitely has a closing tag so I’m not sure why its not giving me the green light, any suggestions?
Code in question is the script function at the top

edit for some reason the top line of the code is cut off this is it

<script $(document).ready(function(){ **Your code so far** ```

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#target1 #target2 #target3


#target4 #target5 #target6
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Use (3) backticks (on US keyboard, it’s to the left of the number 1 key to enclose your source code.

<p>Yay! this code is enclosed in between 3 backticks</p>

Tried this and it didnt work, I’m sure I’m missing something super obvious with this sorry bout that. Tried a couple other combinations that also didnt work so I’m assuming I’m putting them in the wrong space

“<script $(document).ready(function(){ });>”

The 3 backticks is for properly formatting the code for display on the forum.

Is this really your code? If so, that is wrong. You need a script tag, and a closing script tag, and put your document.ready code inside the two script tags.

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derp I knew it was something dumb, thanks you are of course correct. My issue was it said put it inside the script element and I interpreted that as inside the <script> tag itself not inbewteen them I attribute this to not understanding what element is lol. Much appreciated