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I’m working in a project of my own that I want to turn into a business. I have some code that’s working already in my own business environment. My employees are using it and I am approaching this as my first production environment to test and improve the code. However I’m considering launching the app so that I get other people using it as alpha release. I am using PHP and MySQL (Maria DB and XAMPP) as a backend since I’ve completed some study projects using PHP and I’m somewhat familiar with PHP already. However I’m also willing to learn or rewrite the app (not too big yet) in Java or Node since I have some experience/knowledge on JS and Java as well, if PHP is not supported by a recommended technology.

I worry that this technologies and the current architecture of my code not be suited for scale. Where can I learn more about scaling, what technologies to use and how to do it? For answering this questions I want to prioritize ease of learning, development time and achieving an easy transition to scale.

Of course I need to fit this goals into two limitations;

  1. My project is aimed as an mvp for testing the potential market and business potential.

  2. I want to keep this project as close as my skills as posible so that I both keep using it to learn, grow and develop my career further plus develop an mvp for business that I can create and eventually scale.

For this project I am working as a 1 person team since I don’t have money to invest but I have heavy business/domain knowledge of the problem, use case, user pains and potential solutions. So I am getting my hands dirty coding, studying and deploying.

More or less I’m in the route of building a REST API and looking into master/slaves for the outlook of scaling it.

I would really appreciate some insight or learning resources from where I can continue to develop my career and my project.


UPDATE 1 - Thu 13 June, 2019
I think server-less is the choice I find more viable as of today and my current knowledge/skills. Im looking into AWS web services or MongoDB Atlas or Stitch.

Any thoughts on this?

Hi @palmaone ,

I would suggest to read couple of books (The Lean Startup by Eric Ries, Art of Start by Guy Kawasaki…etc) and try to go for couple of events, depending on you, which field of your knowledge you want to update or make it more stronger by learning.

Good luck with your project! :slight_smile:

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Hey thanks, @Monesz those are really good book reading recommendations. I actually have read the Erick ries Laen startup! I will read the one from Guy Kawasaki now that I know is a good choice.

thanks a lot