Scatter plot Visualization Finished. It's Dope

Any feedback appreciated. I notice the testing suite link seems to be down. Luckily I downloaded a copy…

Made some tweaks to the colours for a better story and also some better positioning of the tooltip compared to the demo.


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It’s not as easy to read and interpret as the example chart (in my opinion).
I prefer using time not year as the X axis.

Thanks for the feedback!

What elements of the demo chart make it easier to read? Visualisations are for humans after so I’d like to understand what another human thinks.

And how would time be implemented instead of year?

Thanks again. :beers:

I believe one of the data values is the time the rider achieved on the course.
Le Tour De France is a bicycle race. These times are from when the race went up this particular mountain stage.

Some ideas:

  • the source of the data is missing
  • are these times cherry-picked or why is there only one time for 2008-2016 for each year?
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Ah yes,

I noticed the Seconds value and the Time value in the source data. They convert to each other.
I thought I could either write a function to convert the Seconds values into minutes and seconds or just create a fake date with the Time value and parse out the minutes and seconds. I might try the former later.