Scientific Computing with Python Projects - Arithmetic Formatter

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I have ran this code in Google Colab with all the test inputs and it correctly returned all the proper errors and operations, but when I run it in FreeCodeCamp, it doesn’t work at all. Is there some kind of formatting error or something? Thank you in advance!

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def arithmetic_arranger(problems, show_answers=False):

    def solver(problems):
        results = []
        for problem in problems:
            if '-' in problem:
                operands = problem.split('-')
                result = int(operands[0]) - int(operands[1])
                operands = problem.split('+')
                result = int(operands[0]) + int(operands[1]) 
        return results
    def formatting(problems, results):
      formatted_problems = []
      line1 = ''
      line2 = ''
      line3 = ''
      line4 = ''

      for i, problem in enumerate(problems):
          operand1, operator, operand2 = problem.split()
          operand1_len = len(operand1)
          operand2_len = len(operand2)
          max_length = max(operand1_len, operand2_len)

          if '-' in problem:
              result = results[i]
              result = results[i]

          # Formatting for each line
          line1 += operand1.rjust(2 + max_length) + '    '
          line2 += operator + operand2.rjust(max_length + 1) + '    '
          line3 += '-' * (max_length + 2) + '    '
          line4 += str(result ).rjust(max_length + 2)+ '    '

          # Formatting for each problem
          formatted_problem = f"{operand1.rjust(2 + max_length)}\n{operator} {operand2.rjust(max_length)}\n{'-' * (max_length + 2)}\n{str(result)}\n"

      # Remove trailing spaces
      line1 = line1.rstrip()
      line2 = line2.rstrip()
      line3 = line3.rstrip()
      line4 = line4.rstrip()

      if show_answers:
        return(line1 + "\n" + line2 + "\n" + line3 + "\n" + line4)
        return(line1 + "\n" + line2 + "\n" + line3)

    def error_checker(problems):
      if len(problems) > 5:
          return ('Error: Too many problems.')

      valid_problems = r'^\d+\s*[-+]\s*\d+$'
      invalid_problems = r'[\*/]'

      for problem in problems:
          operand1, operator, operand2 = problem.split()
          if len(operand1) > 4 or len(operand2) > 4:
              return ('Error: Numbers cannot be more than four digits.')
          elif not (operand1.isdigit() and operand2.isdigit()):
              return ('Error: Numbers must only contain digits.')
          elif re.match(valid_problems,problem) and not,problem):
              return ("Error: Operator must be '+' or '-'.")

    error = error_checker(problems)
    if error:
        return error
    results = solver(problems)
    return(formatting(problems, results))

print(arithmetic_arranger(problems, True))

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Scientific Computing with Python Projects - Arithmetic Formatter

It does not run because problems is not defined. Give it a proper value and you will see that the code will run. However, many tests are not satisfied.

Sorry for not clarifying, I have already tried this function with problems defined in google colab and it works, and i have defined it in FCC but it doesnt work in FCC. For example, I’ll call this function in colab:
arithmetic_arranger(["3801 - 2", "123 + 49"])
and it returns exactly what FCC asks for:
3801 123\n- 2 + 49\n------ -----
(I literally just copy and pasted that result from both FCC and from colab results)
What could the issue be?

You didn’t import re. It should work after importing it.

wow, always the simple things with coding :man_facepalming: just finished it, thank you!!!

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