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import copy
import random

class Hat:
    def __init__(self, **contents):
        self.contents = [flattened for sublist in (((key.split(' '))*value) for key, value in contents.items()) for flattened in sublist]
        self.contents_copy = copy.deepcopy(self.contents)

    # draw the ball from hat & update the list of the hat
    def draw(self, no_draw):
        if no_draw > len(self.contents):
            self.contents = copy.deepcopy(self.contents_copy)
        # randomly choosen ball based on no of draw
        drawn_ball = random.sample(self.contents, no_draw)
        # update list after ball is drawn 
        count = 0
        for draw in drawn_ball:
            count = 0
            for ball in self.contents:
                if count < 1:
                    if ball == draw:
                        count += 1
        return drawn_ball

def experiment(hat, expected_balls, num_balls_drawn, num_experiments):
    total = 0
    for _ in range(num_experiments):
        ball_drawn = hat.draw(num_balls_drawn)
        # turn ball_drawn list into dictionaries
        ball_drawn_dict = {}
        for x in ball_drawn:
            if x in ball_drawn_dict:
                ball_drawn_dict[x] += 1
                ball_drawn_dict[x] = 1
        total += counting(expected_balls, ball_drawn_dict)
    return total / num_experiments
def counting(expected_ball, ball_drawn_dict):
    count = 0
    if all(key in ball_drawn_dict and ball_drawn_dict[key] == value for key, value in expected_ball.items()):
        count += 1
    return count

i didn’t pass test 3, can you check what’s wrong.

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Scientific Computing with Python Projects - Probability Calculator

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i didn’t pass test 3, can you check what’s wrong. When i test in vscode everything is ok