Scientific Computing with Python Projects - Time Calculator

Hi guys, I’m working on this project, just to add something I’m not anglophone, so I’m not used to this type of reading time .
So all my code is working well except for one thing which is not clear to me :

def test_two_days_later(self):
        actual = add_time("11:59 PM", "24:05")
        expected = "12:04 AM (2 days later)"
        self.assertEqual(actual, expected, 'Expected calling "add_time()" with "11:59 PM", "24:05" to return "12:04 AM (2 days later)"')

so the above section is from the testing file, but usually, the output should be 0:04 AM, why is it 12:04 AM ???
PLEASE if someone can explain this trick to me

The project wants you to use 12 hour time. I think wikipedia has a good article on 13 vs 24 hr

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