Scientific Computing with Python Projects - Time Calculator

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I have tested manually the code, and from the “AssertionError” my output seems to be right, but i am having 12 failed tests.

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Challenge: Scientific Computing with Python Projects - Time Calculator

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Do you understand what these first lines of code in your add_time function do?

  if day is None:
    return (start, duration)
    return (start, duration, day)

Hi Randell, thank you for reading my post.

Now that you asked, I re-read the code and I realized it’s not doing anything useful because it won’t return a None value anyway.

My thinking was to avoid errors in the code in case the input doesn’t include the ‘Day’ field.

Since you set ‘day=None’ for the third parameter, it automatically makes it an optional parameter since it already has a default value of None, therefore you don’t need the code RandellDawson was referring to. You may have already realized that, but just clarifying.

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Hello, Ben,

Thank you for your reply. I had indeed realized it with Randell’s answer, but it is good you cleared it up :slight_smile:

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