Scientific Computing with Python projects


I finished with the Scientific Computing with Python Projects.
If you have time, take a look to the code and feedback please. At the last project I really did not understand why need to remove and later return the sample (draw) balls… Both methods - remove_balls() and return_balls() absolute not necessary, I created only to pass the test. If I comment out both, the program run similarly…


I think this is really well written code, your probability calculator in particular is more succinct than my own, and I clearly need to spend a bit more time on string formatting.

Congratulations on completing the course.

Thank you,
Every day is possibility to learn something exiting.
Example today I learned how to format text more simple format:
Previously I used this format:

    arranged_problems = """{}
    return arranged_problems.format(row1, row2, separator)

Look how easier to use the f-string:

return f"""{row1}