Scored a Front End Developer role thanks to Free Code Camp!

Well done man!

I also had an interview for a front end job yesterday! They gave me an exam which was incredibly easy (just html and jquery questions) and now they want to start me on a 3 month contract!!

I am so grateful for this incredible community and just so so so pumped to begin working as a front end web developer. I know I still have sooooo much to learn (I haven’t even finished my course!!!) but it is such a relief to know that all this hard work I’ve been putting in is finally paying off. My portfolio impressed them and gave me confidence to realise, “hey wait a minute, I actually have built some pretty cool stuff!”

Thank you Free Code Camp!!


Thanks man and congratulations! That’s awesome news! Definitely good to hear positive feedback that everything your doing has been well worth the effort. Keep up the great work and good luck with the job!

Hey Y’all,

Just thought I’d add a little update on how it’s going so far. In a word hectic :grin:

It’s been pretty full on and I’ve been working on more and more complex problems each week but it’s good. I’ve been thrown in the deep end with a lot of the tickets I work on but I have plenty of support when it’s needed. My aim however has been to try my best to figure out how to move forward and leave going to my seniors for help as a last resort in order to learn more and it’s paying off.

I have to admit, the duties of my role have been slowly shifting. It started out as mostly typical Front End work but I feel like the role is moving towards being a Magento System Developer with plenty of Front End work. So what does that mean for those not familiar. A heap of PHP. Understanding Magento’s MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern. Understanding Magento layout and config (XML). Making use of Magento Models to manipulate it’s SQL database. One of the tasks I worked on for the past 2 weeks was almost strictly Back End where I created a complete Magento module with both back and front end components. This was an intense challenge but has given me a much better understanding of how it all comes together. I went through a heap of tutorials on Alan Storms Blog along with many other resources (mainly countless stackoverflow questions lol).

Either way all I can say, every day is exciting and full of interesting work. The most important lesson I have learned up to this point is that you will hit roadblocks, all day, every day and you just have to keep powering through till it all comes together.

Anyway just an update for those interested. Happy Coding! :sunglasses:



If you guys wanna get deeper touch with JavaScript, I highly recommend Watch & Code, where I’m a current student. Gordon is an excellent teacher, and there is a free course that is SOOO good.


Congratulations! I’m starting my code at:
Hope you enjoy my blog