Screen reader problem

While using my screen reader, I found a problem with the “Responsive Web Design - Cat Photo App - Step 52” page. The screen reader reads from the top of the page, while on all other pages, it starts by reading the step number followed by the explanation. Please fix this for other users to benefit. Thank you.

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Browser: Google Chrome
Screen Reader: Pericles
Operating System: Linux Mint 21

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I was able to replicate this issue for step 52, as well as every other step. If I maximize my browser window then Pericles starts reading every step at the donate button instead of the instructions. But if I narrow my browser in enough, or shorten it enough, then Pericles starts reading every step at the beginning of the instructions, even step 52.

I was not able to find any documentation explaining how Pericles works so I can only guess what is going on here. I’m assuming it is analyzing the page in order to allow it to skip the common stuff you would find in the page header and instead start reading where it thinks the main content begins. I would think it might look for the main element but that doesn’t appear to be the case as the donate button is not in main. So I really have no idea what a fix for this would be since I don’t know exactly what is causing it. I did have good results with narrowing the browser enough so that it shows the mobile layout. All the steps I tested seem to read “correctly” in that narrow view.

Other than changing the browser width/height I’m not sure there is anything that can be done in FCC to fix this, at least not until there is more information about how it works.

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I thought it was a problem with the focus on the FCC page itself.
This seems to be a problem with the Pericles extension.
I’ll try to reach the Pericles developers to solve this issue.
It doesn’t seem realistic to narrow the screen to a mobile app while doing the challenges.
Currently, I’m using the Read Me text-to-speech extension. It’s working much better for me.
Thank you very much for your help.

You’re welcome.
Thanks for dropping by.

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I really like your reply aezz4007;
You’re welcome for my flying high;

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Just to be clear, I was able to get it to read correctly without going that far in. You can play around with it to figure out how skinny you need to make it. It might depend on how much text is in the instructions box.


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