Screen reader trouble

ok I am having trouble with this step

Training with Camper Cat

   <section id="stealth">
     <h2>Stealth &amp; Agility Training</h2>
     <article><h3>Climb foliage quickly using a minimum spanning tree approach</h3></article>
     <article><h3>No training is NP-complete without parkour</h3></article>
   <section id="combat">

     <h2>Combat Training</h2>
     <article><h3>Dispatch multiple enemies with multithreaded tactics</h3></article>
     <article><h3>Goodbye world: 5 proven ways to knock out an opponent</h3></article>
   <section id="weapons">
     <h2>Weapons Training</h2>
     <article><h3>Swords: the best tool to literally divide and conquer</h3></article>
     <article><h3>Breadth-first or depth-first in multi-weapon training?</h3></article>

what are you asked to do?
what is the issue?
what’s the challenge link?
what do the failing tests say?