Screens on buses and shops//language

I have not a very tipical question.
There are some screen or led panels on the buses or shops which shows the bus number or direction or some promotions in the shops.
My question is what language were used to create that systems which shows that info on the screen or panel? Or is it created somehow in other way.

I don’t know what languages are used for these sorts of systems, but I know that the display is merely an output for some controller device which allows the bus driver or shop owner to change what’s shown on the panel. I imagine these controller units are built mostly from off the shelf parts to keep costs down and maintenance easy. It’s very likely that the code running in the controller was written in C.

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Thanks much for answer :slight_smile:

C is often used to write code for the microcontroller. The actual controller won’t run C, but you generally program in something low-level on a seperate PC and compile to the code the controller understands. BASIC is sometimes used. Pascal, Ada. Some type of Assembly. Forth is quite good for those kinda things. Low level because you don’t want something resource hungry, which higher-level languages generally are, though there are fairly well-established things that break that rule - Espruino boards use JavaScript for example. If there are enough resources on the board, you can do things like embed Linux, or embed a compiler for a higher level language.

For controlling [a set of] the boards, anything will do. You have some server that sends things to them, could be any language. Java, JS via Node, C, C++, Go, Erlang/Elixir, etc should all pretty good at it.

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