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Assign the value 7 to variable a .

Assign the contents of a to variable b .
how do i solve it

What’s your code? What have you tried so far?

When it says assign, you are grabbing a value and putting it inside another variable.

Here is an example of assigning number 4 to variable four

var four = 4;

today i started coding. it is a basic concept of assigning a variable

This is one of the first challenges in the JavaScript curriculum, what have you tried so far that doesn’t solve it? Or what do you not understand?

var a = 7;

var b = 7;

var a =b ;
this i have tired and
a should be assigned to b with =
this is the remark iam getting

var a = b

First thing, a is already declared so you don’t need to use var again. Second, you are assigning the content of b to a, the assignment operator = takes what is to the right of it and store it in the variable to the left

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thank you :heart_eyes: