Scroll-spy issue

Hi All. Nooby here. I’m doing the portfolio project and it works beautifully outside of the cope pen editor. When I’m inside code-pen, the nav bar is so large that it hides my section1 area.

I want this area smaller with the topics inline instead of stacked on top of each other. Also, I want my site title on the left with buttons flush right.
Here’s a link to my portfolio.

Can someone show me how to fix this so that I can continue.


Are you using container-fluid instead of container?

Thanks for ur response. I’m not sure. I got so frustrated with it, I deleted and started again. So far so good this time.

Thanks again.

Also, make sure you have the right links in the settings section-- I messed up my formatting by putting everything inside a head in the html before.

Unfortunately, I don’t always add the right bootstrap, css, javascript links… probably because I am finding things here and there on outside websites.

You’ll get a quicker response on the FCC help chat.

These are great tips, thanks.