Scroll to id javascript blocks :target CSS3 feature

i got

$('a[href*="#"]').on('click', function (e) {

	$('html, body').animate({
		scrollTop: $($(this).attr('href')).offset().top
	}, 500, 'linear');

And try to use :target and see that when remove above script then the :target works fine bu if set again is not work any idea why?


It seems maybe because the .preventDefault();

Yep it is, it will stop the propagation of links, if mentioned

Is fine but how can fix that? Any other way? Try to search but got nothing about it. Every site must use scrollTop with click function and set preventDefault(); so there must be a way use both scroll smooth with target

There is a simple method, refer this link

There also have prevent

      // Prevent default anchor click behavior

It is block the :target! What u mean ?

Console log this and check whether it returns the desired result,

Note: e.preventDefault() only stops the propaga5, means, it will stop the functionality of page refresh when the link is clicked but the function called inside will work, in your case check which I mentioned above, or else follow the method from the link i referred, it just stores the hash value, which is a convenient method i guess