Scrolling Issue

Hello everybody!

I seem to be getting an issue on my website and I think the cause is that I use way too many relative positions, as I am not that experienced with positioning in css yet. What happens is that after the elements on my page end and there is nothing left to see (meaning that normally you would not be able to scroll anymore) There is a huge gap with just my body background being shown and it seems really weird to me. Any tips?

it’s impossible to give any tips without actually knowing what’s
going. Please when you as a question about some code, include that code

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You are correct, doing positioning like you are is not the right way to do a layout. I would suggest you take some time to learn about layout and responsive design.

Or if you don’t want to write CSS, learn a CSS framework like Bootstrap, Bulma, etc.

Something else that happens is that if I zoom in or out the elements on my page move in completely random positions

they are not random

relative positioning means that an element has a place in the flow of the document, but it is seen displaced by the top/bottom/right/left amount written there, so it leaves an hole

please take a look at the links about doing layout