Scrolling Portfolio Troubleshooting

Hi all,

After many painstaking, yet enjoyable hours I am nearing completion of my portfolio:

I am encountering difficulty with making my portfolio fully scroll-able. The links on my navbar all seem to work, but I can only access the “ABOUT”, “CONSULTING”, and “CODING” pages by scrolling. I must click on the links at the top to see the “SKILLS” and “CONTACT” pages. I am using Bootstrap, Font Awesome, JQuery and JQuery-smooth-scroll. Any idea how to make all of my pages scroll-able?

Looking forward to getting past this issue, so I can add JavaScript magic and move forward in learning!

Thank you,


Hi Michael,

It seems like you’re missing a closing div for page3 div. I think this will fix your problem… I’m not sure why it does show them when you click, but try this first.

When you click on the top right button in the html panel and choose analyze html, you will see a handful of errors.

Thank you both! Very helpful