SCSS is amazing

I came across this codepen on reddit.

The user was bored and created this amazing Christmas tree using SASS.

I’m just starting out, but I hope to eventually create something like this during my free time lol.


Wow, that is super cool, I had to look up what SASS was lol. Can’t wait to be able to learn how to make things like that too :smile:

Thanks for that link P1xt!

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I’m very intrigued by SASS but I have so much on my plate I can’t get to it yet.

It amazes me what some people can do with CSS - always inspiring

Thanks @P1xt. I knew about the variables and that’s what had me intrigued. I see other terms like mixins and the such.

To be honest I thought it was much bigger than how you explained so if that’s the case i’m sure I can squeeze it in. Although that said, it isn’t all that far down your WD/CS list so should get to it soon anyway :slight_smile:

Edit, not all that soon… 9 books and 3 courses and a project soon :fearful: yeah i’ll prob jump into sass for a breather!