Sea Level Predictor and whats your next step

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Hey guys, finally done with this certification.
-Where do you guys understand further on fig,ax or plt? Or regular or OOP approach of matplotlib API? I can managed to save fig and it looks exactly the same what these projects required but I felt these projects jump between these 2 approaches and I got really confuse the more I do it. I spend hours on looking for API tutorial and couldnt find one that actually teaches well at at least consistent on its approach.

-Anyway for this last project that seems fairly easy but I think there is one issue that should be mentioned? My basic understanding is if you draw a line between X1Y1, X2Y2 which should be suffice for first/second best fit line.
But this approach will likely fail if you use plt.plot method. Maybe I shouldn’t use this approach anyway because it will fail unless you have ALL individual years between X1 and X2.
I noticed that someone use ax.axline, which seem much reasonable.
However, I was not able to make it run on my lab nor my repl; so i couldn’t test it on my end. Otherwise I think that is what the test-module is asking from us.

Below is my approach. As you can see that i am jumping around fig,ax , subplot or plt.
That is because i not 100% sure how to use them, though I can still save/output pictures correctly.

Anyway, what are your guys’ plans after this certification?

I found myself in a really weird spot after reading all those entry level data-analyst/scientist forums. I would said 99% of them require stat/cs majors. They are either looking for master/post grad for entry level jobs or bachelor recent grad for internships.
Furthermore, a lot of these jobs are looking for people with machine learning experience/projects. My short-mid term goal is to learn Descriptive&Inferential Statistic from Udacity(Not sure if this is a better place to learn stats), then move onto the IBM datascience course (edx, not coursera), and eventually skit-learn. Even then, i don’t think there will be opportunities for someone with my background.

I know people always say one need to have some projects to show.
But as someone have little data science experience and even little work-experience, I not even sure what are consider a finished projects.

I will start to visit Kaggle and see if I can learn scikit-learn on simple predictions.
Its been years since I use adv-math beside algebra so I pretty sure I’m not ready for full-fledged machine learning on tensor-flow yet (nor do I certain if Data Analyst need to learn Tensorflow on entry-level)

I mean I enjoy using panda and kinda excited to learn scikit-learn. But I cant sit in my room for another 4 months without income.
Maybe I should just go to a full-stack bootcamp (Yes, they are expensive but they seems to promise you to get into the door) ? That industry seems a bit more welcoming to someone with my background? haha…
ugh…sorry for all these rants…The course is fun, so I kinda feel empty/depress after I finished it.

Good luck on your learning.