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Hi, I’m Al. I’m not a programmer so I apologize in advance for my ignorance and thanks to whoever will have the patience to explain. I’m just a designer who needs to sort some files. I’m used to work with a lot of reference files for my projects and now they are really too many and hard to find. So I’m really thinking of starting to study and try to create a custimized algorithm for my archive. So my questions are:

  • is it a realistic goal or do you think I have to study too much before I’ll be able to do something.
  • what is your advice? where should I start?
  • my archive will continue to grow, it’s not fixed. I’ll need to tag every file with the type, mood, main color, theme and other attributes (with the possibility to add attributes)
  • i’ll just need to select each variable for each filter and need the algorithm to firstly find me all the files with all the selected variables and then others with one or more.

Thank you for helping

So your goal is:

have some tool which helps you to find files with some criteria when you need?

I think you don’t need to dive deep into some programming languages for that one.

Actually, you can learn a little bit of Bash to deal with it.

Check out this article, for example, may be helpful.

If you are not using Linux - don’t worry. There are ways to use Bash on Windows, it is not complex matter to do it. If you want to acquire some basic knowledge about bash - there are big bunch of free tutorials all over the web about it.

I got started with bash for another purposes(learning git and some other stuff - don’t bothering with details here), so my bash-learning experience may be not relevant to your case, that’s why I am not giving specific advice about learning material for bash - I am sure you’ll find some beginner-friendly stuff.

And, by the way, you described your problem pretty good, so big part of problem-solving work is done already.

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