Search and Replace feedback on solution

// second arg is the word that you will be replacing (before)

// third arg is what you will be replacing the second argument with (after)

// preserve the case of the first character in the original word when replacing it.

// Example....if you mean to replace the word Book with the word dog, it should be replaced as Dog

// Ex..('Let us go to the store', 'store', 'mall') should return the string 'Let us go to the mall'

function myReplace(str, before, after) {
  let beforeIndex = 0;
  let splitStr = str.split(/[\W_]/);
  let upperRegex = /^[A-Z]/;
  let lowerRegex = /^[a-z]/;
  let finalStr;

  for (let word in splitStr) {
    if (splitStr[word].includes(before)) {
      if (upperRegex.test(splitStr[word])) {
        splitStr[word] = after;
        finalStr = splitStr[word][0].toUpperCase() + splitStr[word].slice(1).toLowerCase();
        splitStr[word] = finalStr;      
      } else if (lowerRegex.test(splitStr[word])) {
        splitStr[word] = after;

      if (splitStr[word].includes(after)) {
        if (upperRegex.test(before)) {
          finalStr = splitStr[word][0].toUpperCase() + splitStr[word].slice(1).toLowerCase();
          splitStr[word] = finalStr;
        } else if (lowerRegex.test(before)) {
          finalStr = splitStr[word].toLowerCase();
          splitStr[word] = finalStr;
  let finishedStr = splitStr.join(' ');
  return finishedStr;

myReplace("I think we should look up there", "up", "Down");

Hello all! I have completed the search and replace algorithm challenge but my solution seems very long and I was wondering if it is even remotely good? Thanks for reading and giving me feedback!

Michael Johnson

Your code is indeed working, and it is readable, even it is a bit long - so good job.

Since you’ve solved this problem, it will be no harm to look into solutions from this step’s guide. For this step there are 5 solutions, I am sure you will find there techniques for writing more concise solution.

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Thanks so much! That makes me feel better and that I am actually getting somewhere :). The intermediate algorithms seem so easy at first until you get deep into them and then you realize that you need more practice, haha! That’s kind of the reason I wanted to check for feedback against some of these. Now it’s time to work on improving and optimizing more! Thanks again for reading and giving feedback!

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