Search product on comparison site based on API

Hi guys

I am currently developing a comparison website based on API search result , currently there isnt many online stores provide such a service except big stores like Amazon Ebay ,any suggested solution will be appreciate it.

CSV file upload to my server is not a convenient option for me because some stores they have 10000s of products and I am only interested in a specific catogry contain 200 products I am struggling to minimize the amount of product to be uploaded in my server.

any ideas or solutions appreciated.

I looked all over for a price API and I just couldn’t find one other than Ebay and Amazon which both have very confusing documentation. I just decided to use the Walmart API which worked out fine for me. Although, I did need an API key by creating a developer account. If this is going to be a big project then I would not advise using Walmart API unless you really wanted to.

thank you for your response , I am already aware of Walmart and AliExpress too they do API search ,but I am looking for a convenient solution for small stores who have over 1000 and less than 100000 products who dont provide API search.