Search terms for first job

Hi, folks. I’m a freeCodeCamp grad looking for a first software development job, and I could use some advice on search terms. I’ve been using ZipRecruiter, Indeed, CyberCoders, and LinkedIn so far using the following terms:
Junior Developer
Front End Developer
React Developer
Back End Developer
Full Stack Developer
Web Developer
JavaScript Developer
Python Developer
Most of what I’m seeing is mid to senior level stuff, even searching for Junior Developer specifically. Many of these postings are listing mentorship of junior devs as part of the job responsibilities, but I can’t find the listings for all those junior devs that need mentoring. Are there other sites or search terms that I should be using? Or is there another avenue besides online job searches that I should be using? Any advice on this front at all, really, would be much appreciated, because it is looking really bleak out there.