Searching for a programming buddy

Hello everyone. I’m a 28yo guy from Greece and i’m looking for someone to study some web frameworks together and make projects for learning. Plus, as english isn’t my native language, it will be a great chance to practice it. Feel free to send me a message to talk about which web frameworks should we learn and use.

hey man. im also looking for a partner on this site

Uhm, I’m replying not because I’m directly interested in a pair programming right now, but because I think it could be useful to have a ‘board’, something where the people can offer/demand pair/group programming ^^
With few more specs, maybe?
Something like ’ Hey, I’m working on the data-visualization challenges, I’d like to go in-depth with d3/start some study branch on Angular/go in-depth with react/…i can use 2h each day to code ( i’m from lilliput so my code time is from 13 to 15 utc + 6) …
Additional stuff:
Train the speaking language ( skype or something) / …

I know this is not a date forum but this thread put this thought in my mind, just wanted to share it ^^

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Nice, i will message you when i have time to talk about it and be more specific on what im interested in.

Yeah you are right i should have said more about that but i’m still open to any frameworks or specialisation. But anyway i agree with you.

where are you at with this course??

As @Layer mentioned, there’s a lot of things you can focus on. Since most people are usually interested in one thing or another. Probably the main thing to mention is what framework your looking into. There really are only three realistic choices, React, Vue and Angular. Everything is can be considered “out-dated” or at least not “hip” anymore. FCC teaches React, so its automatically the default choice if you need one. (plus its the most popular framework out of the three)

When it comes to a programming buddy its probably better to consider it a “date” than just some other person. Its arguable worse to work with someone who slacks off, or is a negative influence than just working on the material by yourself.

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Thats a good idea to have a section to find a partner for pair programming, Could put your preferred spoken language and where you are in the curriculum.

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I am looking for someone to start the beta track from the start. I am Irish so my first language is English and I am in GMT timezone.
I have done and programming certificate that used Java and I have some experience programming and have basic HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. I’m looking to do about 30 hours a week. Ideally I’m looking to start with someone who is not completely new to programming but new to FCC.

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Hi Jermur,

I have come across your message and thought I would drop you a message.

I am interested in paired programming and have been looking for someone to code with for quite a while now. I will not be able to join your project at the moment as I am about to start my dissertation, which will require around 40+ hours of commitment based on my supervisor’s opinion.

However, I am contacting you to ask if you may be interested in any future collaborations, starting from September 2018.

About myself:
I live in Scotland and I am studying towards an MSc in Information Technology. I enjoy web development and this is something I would like to do as a career after I graduate.
I am also not a complete beginner in programming and have done some projects in Java; HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.

If you may be interested in any future project collaborations, please let me now and I am happy to have a chat or written discussion.