Searching for work under community-centric businesses

I’m a mid-level developer who’s already worked a couple of jobs in the industry.

I’m looking for work again, but this time I’m closing my search down to companies I actually find remotely interesting. The requirements are intentionally picky as there is no urgency, I just want to find the right job with a sustainable salary.

Due to this, I’m having a slightly harder time finding work than usual. I can’t help but feel that I’m doing nothing but wasting my life, if it’s being used to primarily benefit shareholders rather than the community.

Looking at job boards like Otta, Angel, or LinkedIn, I’m not really seeing many options for community-centric companies. I did find a few which I’ve applied for, but thus far I haven’t landed a job.

Does anyone have any advice on how I might increase my chances of finding work if my primary goal is finding a company that cares for community interest?

My current plan is stick it out with personal projects and open-source contributions, while I browse and apply to whatever stands out on job sites like the ones mentioned above.

if you are interested to work with open source, often those offer jobs to contributors first (example in fcc - I have also seen in Habitica, other open source project, mods and codebase contributors become staff/payed members)

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It might be easier to search for companies that match your requirements and reaching out to them (even if they don’t have open job listings) than combing through job postings looking for something that matches your criteria.