Seasoned developer who is still learning

Hi gang,

I have been at this a long time but without formal training. It has been learn as you go and google what you don’t know how to do. That has gotten pretty far and paid well but now I am at a crossroads. I really need to hone in the details of coding just like I do when I am mixing or mastering a track in my recording studio.

So, here I am.

I am planning a music release full blown web site and will be using either Laravel or Python as the backend and Angular and Bootstrap as the front end. More on this later. I am developing the plans in Trello.

Keith AKA Kamakaze Krush

Awesome! For me, it’s the opposite. I’ve been doing music and sound design professionally for a few years, but without any formal training (and it has not paid well). I’ve been far more rigorous studying programming and computer science, so I feel much more comfortable here. Plus, if my computer goes down, it doesn’t take two full days to get up and programming again like it does with all that audio software!

By the way, I moved your post to the Campfire Lounge section just to keep things neat and tidy.