Second milestone- Survey page project

Would like positive\negative insights
-validated both HTML\CSS…


Very attractive, beautiful colors and fonts.

Great code I think. The way you have styled your labels with flexbox is simple and completely effective. You have worked very hard on the details so that your page has the effortless slick look. Nothing jarrs, at a first glace I thought this was just a simple page because it has this elegant simplicity, but it isn’t simple, you’ve worked very hard on the details and it shows.

The only detail that I would work on is the woman in your background image. She hides just behind your form if the width is decreased. Maybe moving the form to the left with a media query? Could she blow smoke into the form?

Well done.


Thanks for your insights. I’ll try to make it

(It’s a vapor, not smoke :sweat_smile: ) just dealing with electronic cigarettes marketing

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It looks good @Eldorado82. Too many similarities between yours and the sample form though. Try starting with a blank page and make it your own.