Second Project - Portfolio Site

Hello, All! I’m almost complete with my portfolio site. I’ve read several examples online on the JavaScript and Bootstrap functions, so you will see the use of my responsive page. However, I am having trouble with my page not downsizing correctly when in mobile view. I think it’s the video that I have that’s causing the effect, but if someone could help me debug this, I’d greatly appreciate it! Thanks in advance!

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I took a look at it and wow you did a great job!!! :thumbsup: It looks like the section that says

About Me
is what messing up your mobile view. it's not getting resized properly and that causing the whole page to have that extra space on the right. Other than that it looks perfect. Once you fix that problem the whole thing should wrap the screen like it's supposed to. You could adding container-fluid to the DIV that is is parent. That might fix the problem
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I went and forked your CodePen project. I was able to fix the problem of the about me section overflowing and causing extra space on the right side. This would leave that empty space on the right that you could scroll over to. I placed the section in an additional “contianer-fluid” class which seemed to fix that problem with the mobile view. I’ll try for the video next, but the video is only off center. It doesn’t seem to cause any problems with the flow of the page Let me know what you think. :smiley:

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Thank you for taking a look at my code. I made the edit to my code and it definitely helped with wrapping my elements together. I also found out that I didn’t have the correct script tags (Ajax & JS) located in my code. I updated the min. CSS version and that didn’t do much of a difference. I’m so happy to have such a supportive team with freecodecamp. I appreciate your help!

Kanesha P.

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@AkemiKiku Great glad I could help out :smiley: Yeah without the right links, things can go wrong fast!! Let me know when you finish I’d love to see the finished product. :tada: If you want to check out my portfolio page I just finished it last wek. I put in some scrolling effects with ScrollReveal.js it came out pretty good. Keep up the good work :+1:

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Sorry that I’m just responding. Take a look:

Your site is sooooo eye appealing! Loving the scroll effect! U find myself staying on the site just to watch the scroll. Lol. Nice work!

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Woah that came out really great :smile: :+1: I love the design and the color scheme. The page scales nicely on a mobile view as well. I check it out, and it was nice. One thing I think there is a Bootstrap class for responsive media that isn’t applied to the <iframe> so there’s a slight overflow on the right side. :smiley: