Second project (survey-form)

Hello it´s me again . this is my survey-form. I would like to hear your suggestions or comments. thanks for the feedback.

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Im not a pro ,im at visual desinging ,i personally liked ur project but one thing wrong is that urs text says “nombre” and place holder says “name”.after all thats was urs first one i loved it u ll improve.

You have quite a lot of design elements in there. I like that you have tried to do something different.

Have you thought about making the form slightly transparent with RGBA colours (opacity around 0.8) so that the car can background be seen through it, and make the background image of the car fixed.
What would the main title look like with the ‘Faster One’ font?
On the dark background, white text may provide the best contrast for reading.
The actual form didn’t seem to be responsive.

Overall, it is a good attempt at the task. Well done! :slight_smile:

I like the background and the colors that you choose.