Seconda challenge librerie JS. Ho un piccolo dubbio

Buongiorno, mi sto apprestando a sviluppare il progetto per la seconda challenge delle librerie js: questa qui. il mio dubbio è più che altro sulla formattazione che sulla programmazione: innanzitutto vi chiedo cos’ è un markdown scusando la mia ignoranza, secondo il progetto consiste in pratica nel svilluppare una pagina che dia delle info su una tecnlogia(nell esempio della challenge viene presentato react) e implementare al di sopra della pagina il codice js vero e proprio usato per creare la pagina, vi chiedo se c’ho visto bene per non fare lavoro inutile.grazie anticipatamente

There is nothing to excuse. When I encountered this challenge, I had no idea what markdown was either. It is a way of adding formatting to text. Just like in HTML, we could add things like <b> to make text cold in web pages, in some places they use markdown - if I use two asterisks (**) on either side of a word, it will be bold. This editor uses markdown - these words are bold. Because I put two asterisks on each side. In the editor they show up as asterisks but when it is displayed on the screen, it is bolded. You can use this type of formatting all the time in this editor. For example, in the quote above, I put a greater than sign in the front (>) to make it look like a quote.

You can read more about it here.

ok thanks i ve understood the process i have to make, now i have only to find a way to let the markdown happen! i have to look on the web for a simple way,anyway it’s not impossible neither so much difficoult! thank you for the hints :slight_smile:

This is hard stuff. Don’t feel bad. It takes a lot of work and research. That is also part of the job. Keep up the good work.

And like I said, markdown is really helpful when posting in the forum to create better, easier to read posts. There are a lot of communication tools at work where I use it, too.

ok, thanks for your help! im putting me on work :slight_smile:

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