Section 3 text is not formatting. My coding is right

I am unable to get all of Section 3 to show. I attempted a 4th section but the coding still looked like it doe not - just 2 text boxes at the end of Section 3. Probably I should do something in CSS?

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this is what you want to build right

there is nothing wrong with css but in html section you have to change this

 <div class=”item”>3</div>


<div class = "item">3</div>

change all your ”” to "" only in html section
you have used both type of double-quote in html which is need to be corrected
use only one type of quote

hi @dianetrotter,

I am guessing you are talking about the section in the html where “List surnames of other ancestors
Surnames” is.

If that is the case, then it does not appear in the form because there are some minor mistakes like misspellings and unclosed tags. The biggest culprit that is making that section not appear in the form is line 137 where you have:

<option value="usa">USA<option></input>

if you close the last option tag and change the input tag to:

<option value="usa">USA</option><input/>

it will fix that issue and the rest of the section will reappear!! The line you were looking for was hiding in country dropdown just after the USA option.
You might want to just rush through your html again to remove the small misspellings and check for any open tags just to be on the safe side.

Hi @dianetrotter , I can see that your form element is duplicated, once you remove the duplicate you will need to assign it an id of “survey-form” to pass the 3rd test.

The easiest way to find the errors in your code is to click “Run Tests” in Codepen interface and if the “Tests” button turns red then click on it to reveal why tests are failing for your code.

Good luck.

Wow , cool info guys