Section and Article

Section and Article
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So I am working on the challenge having to do with articles and it brings up sections…

Note about section and div
The section element is also new with HTML5, and has a slightly different semantic meaning than article. An article is for standalone content, and a section is for grouping thematically related content. They can be used within each other, as needed. For example, if a book is the article, then each chapter is a section. When there’s no relationship between groups of content, then use a div.

<div> - groups content
<section> - groups related content
<article> - groups independent, self-contained content

I get what is going on (I think) but the analogy of the book seems odd. If a section groups related content, then why wouldn’t that be the book? A book is a collection of chapters (one could say articles if its a magazine) and they all relate to the overall book. Each chapter sounds more like an article because it is self contained. The content is placed in that particular chapter because it relates to the topic of that chapter.

Maybe I am making too much out of this, but I was thrown off with the analogy made because as I was reading it seemed like a section of a website would contain X number of articles. Like the About Us section of a website might just contain 1 article of about who we are.

Make sense?


PS - in general terms, I agree that each chapter is a section. I just don’t understand calling the book the article.