SECURITY and payment

Someone entered my freecodecamp account and changed a javascript problem I was working on. I emailed freecodecamp, but they never responded, and considering my passports were stolen and my book of computer codes it is extremely important. Who handles these large threats? Also I have been making payment to freecodecamp for almost 8 months. I would like to stop for awhile. I followed the instructions but there is no gear icon appearing in my navigation, and no Payment section. I can take screen shots. Can someone please help me? Thank you.

  1. Change the passwords on all of your linked accounts for freeCodeCamp (GitHub, email, etc). For extra security, you can unlink your accounts and always login via email confirmation code.
  2. Contact information for security issues is
  3. If you are donating to freeCodeCamp through PayPal, you can cancel payments at any time through your PayPal account. If you have been donating via credit card, email Make sure that you check your junk mail, because Quincy may need more information from you and it seems as though many spam filters don’t like freeCodeCamp emails.